For companies and governments that want to successfully negotiate their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewal.

Learn how to get the lowest price for Office365 and Azure while maximizing the value from your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement investment.

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First, The Truth.

The approach and results I’m sharing with you are not based on guesswork, reading a book, or learning from someone else that’s done it.


I have the benefit of over 25 years practice. The system inside the book is a product of that experience.

The average person who buys “how to negotiate anything” books get little to no results when using them to negotiate with Microsoft, because Microsoft doesn’t work like that.

The real-world examples I use inside the book are from real work.

The successes I will share with you are the result of a high tolerance for detailed analysis and solving complex and expensive problems.

If you’re looking for the magic secret that will make your negotiation with Microsoft be successful without doing any work DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK. Nothing in this book is ‘easy’.


With that said…. It’s ridiculously SIMPLE…. Let me show you.

Why This is Different - What You’re Getting​

This is drastically different from anything you've ever read because it's a thought-provoking guide to achieving massive commercial success rather than a traditional software licensing know-it-all book. The reason why is because there's no fluff. It immediately gets down to the nitty gritty, discussing how to approach a Microsoft contract renewal, what they are thinking, why do it this way, and what the next steps are. 


Plus, it's easy to read.  


At just 40 pages, you can read it in a few hours (or less).  


Reading this means you’ll get insights to the system I personally use to consistently help Microsoft customers reduce the price and increase the value in their renewals.

I didn’t discover a magic wand that makes Microsoft discount their prices​

Because there isn’t one.


There is no quick and easy secret to make all the hard work go away. If there was my work day would be 6 minutes long and I wouldn’t have anything to write in this book.


I started selling Microsoft software in 1994.


I started helping companies and governments buy Microsoft software in 2017. This includes helping organizations optimize their licensing investments, aligning these significant investments to their I.T. plans, and helping people measure value.


In 25 years I was involved in 200 Microsoft contract renewals. During this time I’ve seen every trick in the book. I even invented a few while I was working at Microsoft.

What's inside and what it might mean for your business.​

Keystone consistently delivers results for our customers.
​When organizations pay us to help them, the average return-on-investment they get back is 25x.


USD Negotiated
Contract Value




ROI on Keystone

Get The Book For $39 Just $5.50​

Instant Delivery. Start reading immediately.

Here’s What To Do Next​

The investment for this book is $5.50, and you get it instantly.


You get the book as a PDF download so you can read on your phone, tablet or computer. Or even print it out.


I figured you'd prefer getting the book immediately, rather than paying more for a hardcopy and then having to wait for shipping.


As soon as you place your order today, you'll be sent an email with the download link where you can get it.


From there you can download the book and read it.


And I’ve got something else for you to sweeten the deal...

Get The Book For $39 Just $5.50​

Instant Delivery. Start reading immediately.

Bonus – Negotiation Concepts Online Training Course​

When we do Microsoft Enterprise Agreements renewal projects, the customers we work with can have a Microsoft licensing spend between $5million and $450million.


All the negotiation advisory services projects we do include the online training course because it brings everyone in the project team up to a baseline level of negotiation knowledge.


Buying the book for $5.50 means you can have an 90% discount on the course we use in projects that negotiate hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Negotiation Concepts online training course normally sells for $380. Go to our web site and you’ll see it there for $380. We sell it for that price.

Buying the $5.50 book gives you the option to get the training course for $40.


You may have been to other negotiation training courses or done them online.


And maybe you’ve developed some good negotiation skills during your career as a buyer or seller.

But this is different.


The course takes the very best content from the negotiation courses at Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, combined this with 25 years’ experience selling Microsoft licensing contracts, combined with the experience from doing 200 Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewals, combined with 13 years working at Microsoft…. and takes all the good parts and builds this into one single online course.


A course that is self-paced such that you can do in your time.


The course has 20 modules and takes 2.5 hours to complete.


If you went and did this negotiation training at Harvard and MIT it would cost $25,000.


The course gives you a very solid foundation of negotiation theory, tools and tips that you can use in your deals over a long period of time to maximize the results. In fact, the online course will also help with non-Microsoft deals.

Get The Book For $39 Just $5.50​

Instant Delivery. Start reading immediately.

There is no catch.​

The book is priced at $5.50 so it’s easy for people to buy and look at what’s possible when negotiating with Microsoft. If the book were priced based on the insights and value it provides, it would be priced so high that only a handful of very large organizations would buy it.


There's no hidden "continuity program" you have to try, no recurring credit card costs ...or anything even remotely like that. 


If you have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewal coming up and you like what you read in the book and would like more information, then you’ll be very happy with the additional items that is included in the book.

Time is of the essence.​

Here's why.


When you read the book, you’ll see why preparation is very important before you start negotiating with Microsoft. The further you progress into your current Enterprise Agreement heading towards the next renewal without adequate planning and preparation means you’ll be arriving at the bargaining table and handing over control of the deal from the start.


The sooner you know when and how to prepare is directly related to arriving at the bargaining table in a position of strength.

Only then will you be in a credible position to ask for a discount, ask for changes to contract terms, and start creating value in the deal.

In summary​

I'm offering you a 40 page book that outlines how to get great results from your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewal.


The book is $5.50.


What’s in this book has been used to successfully negotiate $1billion worth of customer spend to Microsoft. And every Keystone customer that we’ve done a Microsoft renewal project with is a reference customer that can be contacted and can be asked how the project went and if they liked the outcome.


In addition to what’s in the book, there are two extra bonuses you get for the $5.50.

  • The option to use a 90% discount on the online training course. This takes the price from $380 to $40.
  • If you want more information, then you can book a free 1:1 45 minute call with me. During the call I’ll share some advice on how you might be able to approach your specific contract renewal.

You don’t have to buy the training course. If you buy the book for $5.50 you get access to a one-time 90% discount.


You don’t have to book the free call. That’s also an optional extra.

The book is a summary of 25 years of knowledge that comes from first-hand experience in negotiating Microsoft Enterprise Agreement contract renewals.